Everyday communism and the “spirit of Christmas” | ROAR Magazine

Anarcho-Communism via ROAR Magazine
“Indeed, in many ways, “we are already communists” — especially towards family and friends, and especially on a day like this. It would be utterly inconceivable for any of us to present our parents, siblings or children with a bill for the Christmas dinner we just cooked for them; just as it would be utterly absurd for mothers to charge their children for nurturing and breastfeeding. In the same way, it is totally absurd that today’s Scrooges — presented with a “crisis” of their own making — now seek to socialize their losses by forcing austerity down everyone else’s throat and slapping a price tag on common goods like water, air and knowledge. If pursued to its logical extreme, this Randian logic of naked self-interest would simply lead to total social dislocation; and that’s precisely where neoliberalism is pushing the world today.”
via Facebook http://roarmag.org/2013/12/everyday-communism-christmas-dickens/

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