Boycott a sting to Israeli apartheid

Corey Robin
Yousef Munayyer writes a great brief for BDS. He makes a point that I’ve yet to see answered by anyone. The Palestinians tried armed struggle for three decades; it failed. They tried negotiations for two decades; that failed. They’ve now turned to a new strategy, one of the few — if not the only — that has offered any hope of shaking up the status quo in a long long time. And what do critics, who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, have to offer, as a tactic, in response? What would you have the Palestinians and their supporters do instead? (If you say lobby Congress for cutting off aid to Israel, I’m going to start shouting the congressional version of “Green Lanternism” at you. I mean seriously: cutting off aid makes a single payer plan seem like the shrewdest pragmatism.) I think this is an important question. Too often these debates are reduced to a question of pure ethics — academics are especially prone to that — but efficacy matters too.
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