So what if the pope were a Marxist? | Priyamvada Gopal

Jason Read via Geoff Pfeifer
Schooling the infallible, “”Perhaps it is time to properly revisit Marx’s own insights into the workings of capitalism and ask how these remain relevant to understanding how the global economy functions. The pope’s denunciation of the way in which “human beings are themselves considered consumer goods” was much more thoroughly anticipated in Marx’s brilliant analysis of the commodity form which saw this process as central to capitalism, not merely an unhappy side effect of poor regulation. “Exclusion” and “inequality” are similarly not happenstance spin-offs from a “new tyranny”; they are fundamental to a now old economic dynamic which seeks to concentrate the wealth in a few palms by extracting the labour from many hands. Of course capitalism is rife with “moral corruption”, but we would also do well to look at how inequality is central to its very material workings.”
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