Victor Shapinov

Activists Association ” Borotba ” hung on the pedestrian bridge ‘s Garden banner : “Caution ! Fascism to ” SSvobode .” Ukraine silent. ” Thus, the organizers are trying to draw attention to enhancing ultra- neo-Nazi forces during mass actions Evromaydana .

” Despite the involvement of a significant number of ordinary citizens , political ” face ” Maidana increasingly define ultra extremists . From the rostrum of the Maidan today we hear slogans like ” Glory to the nation – the death of the enemy ,” ” Ukraine above all ! ” ( Carbon copy of Nazi Deutchland uber alles), slogans , which previously could be heard except on the fringe neo-Nazi gatherings , today sounded at mass meeting “- say the organizers .

” The barbaric destruction of the monument to Lenin on the area of Bessarabia , the attack on activists of our organization in the metro ” Khreschatyk ” – all this on his conscience ultra militants supervised by deputies from the ” Svoboda ” . Neo-Nazis today feel complete impunity and strengthen terror . We invite all citizens of Ukraine to stop neo-Nazis who aspire to power under the guise of mass protests Maidan ” , – underline in the Association ” Borotba . “
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