Ukrainian government issues ultimatum to end pro-EU protests – World Socialist Web Site

Дмитрий Колесник via Dada Base
The conservative German paper Frankfurter Allgemein e Zeitung (FAZ), which has its own reporters in Kiev, cited plans of “opposition forces” should the Asarov government resign.
They intend to install a “technocratic government” that would immediately sign the association agreement with the EU. A possible leader of such a government is the MP and billionaire oligarch Petro Poroshenko, whose holdings include a television station that has continuously reported from the demonstrations.
The opposition forces quoted by the FAZ also expressed their hope that such a government would restart negotiations with the IMF on a $15 billion loan that Ukraine needs to avoid bankruptcy in the coming months. The IMF has tied such a loan to the abolition of subsidies for gas for private households, which would increase the price of heating by at least 40 percent.
Opposition forces speaking to the FAZ said it would be easier for a technocratic government led by an entrepreneur and supported by both the forces of the current regime and the opposition to impose these conditions on the Ukrainian population.
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