Heide Gerstenberger – The Market, Violence and Consumers | Backdoor Broadcasting Company

There is no doubt about it. Capitalism has been one of the great hopes in the development of mankind. And not only proponents of capitalism but also many of its Marxist critics have agreed that its development marks, indeed, an advancement in humanity. Contracts would – and they eventually more or less did –replace the use of direct violence in labor relations. And international trade relations, while not the civilising force which had been expected of them in the eighteenth century, are no longer most often established by force of arms. In some sense capitalism has become domesticated. It is no accident that it was in the 1970s that Johan Galtung has suggested to grasp the new forms of imperialism through the analytical concept of “structural violence”. Though it differs markedly from the Marxian analysis of the violence inherent in capitalist labor relations it is useful to capture trends of development which have become dominant after the Second World War.
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