Child Poverty Index

Bryan Bruce
The Government did not want to measure Child Poverty so the Commissioner for Children got private funding from the
J R McKenzie Trust and did it himself. Good on Russell Wills and the McKenzie Trust for producing today’s report.Kiwi Heroes in my view.

Unfortunately the INSIDE CHILD POVERTY documentary remains as relevant today as when I made it 2 years ago.

We really do have to have cross party talks on how to minimise the effects of poverty on our children.

That’s why . come next election – you will be able to come to this site to find out which of the candidates in your electorate is not willing to commit to working towards a cross party agreement on the well being of our ALL our children.


And please don’t waste my time and yours writing here about parental responsibility. Of course parents should be responsible for the well being of their children – that’s a given but we also have a responsibility as a community to our kids and we are failing in our duty of care to 1 in 6 of them .

A child doesn’t get to choose if it’s Mum or Dad can work, or find work, or earn enough from working all week and barely have anything left after paying the rent.

We need some long term solutions for child well-being that can only be reached by cross party agreements about how to meet the basic needs of every child in New Zealand.

Child Poverty Index
Child Poverty Monitor: 2013 Technical Report Every year the Child Poverty Monitor will record how well or badly we?re doing for kiwi kids.
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