Time in Marx | Brill

Sebastian Budgen
Time in Marx
The Categories of Time in Marx’s Capital
Stavros Tombazos, University of Cyprus
Introduced by Daniel Bensaïd

This book demonstrates that the basic concepts of the three volumes of Capital come under different categories of time: “time of production” in the first volume is linear, “time of circulation” in the second is circular, while in the third volume “organic time” is the unity of the two. Capitalist relations emerge as a definite organisation of social time that obeys its own intrinsic criteria and operates as an autonomous, social subject. Reading Capital from this perspective, it becomes possible to restore its dialectical (Hegelian) logic – not in order to reveal the “real” Marx, but as a means to contribute to the understanding of the real, capitalist world with its present-day fetishes, its explosive contradictions and its ever deeper crises.


I really want this book
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