Drilling could split Labour

Patrick J. O’Dea
Whakama Shane Jones.

Typhoon Haiyan which devastated the Philipinnes was the strongest storm ever strike any country in recorded history.
When the people of Tacloban still lay in the ruins of their wrecked homes destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. The Philippines government representative Yeb Sano who is from Tacloban, and who had lost contact with his brother, desperately pleaded with the world to cut back on CO2 emissions. When Russell Norman tried to read out Yeb Sano’s plea in our parliament, Shane Jones shouted him down. Jones shouting was so loud that Metiria Turei who was sitting right next to Norman could not hear his words. Metiria complained to the speaker of the house, who told Jones to be quiet while Norman was speaking. Shane Jones ignored the speakers ruling and kept on interrupting Russell Norman. Because of Shane Jones, most MPs would not have heard Yeb Sano’s words.
Shane Jones disgusting behavior on behalf of the oil companies, not only disrespected the Philippines government and the dead of Tacloban, but breached the protocols of parliament. If Shane Jones had indulged in such disrespectful ill mannered behaviour on a Marae he would have been shown the door.
David Cunliffe kept his silence.
David Cunliffe is again reported as having no comment. The ball is now in the Labour leader’s hands. Which way will Labour go? Will David Cunliffe stand with Labour’s spokesperson for Climate Change Moana McKay and and the vast majority of New Zealanders who are opposed to deep sea oil drilling? Or will he stand with Shane Jones and oil companies?
Circumstances will ensure that David Cunliffe will not be allowed to sit on the fence forever. If David Cunliffe wants to unify his party and win the election, then David Cunliffe needs to make a clear statement right now, that a Labour led administration will ban all deep sea oil prospecting and drilling.
Polls show that this would be a wildly popular policy position. With the polls neck and neck between National and a Labour Green coalition. David Cunliffe must take a strong leading stand on this issue if he is to take the lead away from National .
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